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Trucking Jobs Georgia and Texas

Are you tired of being lied to or being blind about your confirmations, invoices and settlements from mega-carriers? What about when you are told “We cannot give you the confirmation because of our confidentiality/privacy policy?” These carriers are scared they will lose YOU and the customer because prices do not match what was verbally said! We know that you have heard it all, however, we do not make those excuses here and we work for the driver to show we do what we agreed on verbally. Traveloko is a small transportation freight shipping and trucking jobs Georgia and Texas industry a fast growing, company that does our part to be honest and well organized in managing your back-office while you do your part driving and making money.

Become A Holder For High-Paid Trucking Jobs Texas With Traveloko

The trucking industry has become one of the prime contributors to the economy of America for years and honestly, it shows no signs of stopping or slowing down anytime soon. A career in the trucking industry gives potential job seekers endless opportunities for a great career path for the future as well as convenient operational timing.

We, at Traveloko, help the newbie as well as experienced truck owners and truck drivers to find out the best Trucking Jobs Georgia with the potentiality of maximum career growth and earning. For truck drivers in Texas, we not just make it a career, but also make a lifestyle, with never-ending advantages.

Potential Earnings For Trucking Job-Holders

With maximum earning potentials, Trucking Jobs Georgia these days has become an extremely enticing job for those looking to build their career and make good money. Those, coming to us with a seek for trucking jobs and wondering about the potential earnings for this profession; let me clear you that, trucking is one of the best jobs in Texas with the highest-earning potentials.

On average, a truck driver earns $35,000 in their first year itself. This is much higher than any other job in the country. However, if you consider the bonuses – which in some cases go up to $5,000 alongside the bonuses for on-road, safety and retention can double the salary amount for the trucking jobholders. For an owner-operator, the average income for a Trucking Jobs Texas stands around $184,803 per year.

We Ensure You More Flexibility With Timing!

When you work with us as a truck driver in Texas, our team ensures you the maximum flexibility in terms of work schedule and timing. You can choose from your convenient time available and also the type of hauls that you would like to drive. They can choose between local runs, cross-region runs, and long-distance runs according to your conveniences.



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